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Thousands of people descended on Newcastle Racecourse for Northumbrian Water Group’s Innovation Festival this week.

Nigel and Louise

510 of the world’s leading businesses and most innovative minds gathered and worked together for the five-day-event in order to tackle 13 major social and environmental challenges.

They were joined by innovation experts, scientists, engineers, designers, local businesses, Universities, schools, artists and members of the public to come up with and explore innovative ways to help change the world.

Some of the big Ideas to come from the festival include interactive smart toilets, underground maps, dog bogs and well being apps…and you’ll be hearing lots more about these in the coming months!

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Innovation Festival 2018  Day 5 Video

Innovation Festival Day 5 Video - Our final edition of IFTV wraps up day 5 and concludes our fantastic #InnovationFestival18. #InnovationFestival2018

Day 1 to 4 Videos

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