Every second counts! - Data Hack with Aiimi

Are you a bright mind interested in solving the water industry’s biggest puzzles using data science? Join the three-day Aiimi hack to work out how to minimise water supply interruptions and create an ‘always on’ 24/7 customer service.

In this fun data science hack we’ll explore the most pro-active ways of handling an incident, how we can use existing monitoring equipment to give us an upper hand, and maximise the insights from Northumbrian Water’s data to give customers the best service possible.

But here’s the thing – we can’t do it without you! If you’re interested in exploring the world of data science, understanding how systems in the water industry work and using your intelligence to help people get clean water – this event is for you. We’re especially keen to hear from talented people traditionally under-represented in data science, and we welcome everyone regardless of gender, age, colour, sexual orientation, disability or background.

Register now to join the Aiimi hack at Innovation Festival.

Expertise, knowledge or interests needed:

  •  Maths and stats experts

  • UX developers

  • Network modellers