Each day we will be exploring a topic and moving it further on.  This is the 100m version of the design sprint, fast, furious fun with tangible output.  You can enjoy the full experience in a fast paced design sprint all in one day.  You can now choose to be part of the team working on these exciting topics.  You can only choose ONE option per day.

Monday 8th July


Myndr Over Matter - The Challenge of Mental Wellness

We’ll be exploring what mental wellbeing means for the workforce of a leading utility company, and building an understanding of their diverse needs, expectations and concerns. We also want to spark some new ideas to enable employees to engage in mental wellbeing, to ensure they get the support they need to be well and have a great day every day!

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Sensor Futures with Add Strategy

The water industry is transforming with visibility of networks and operations having impacts across the industry. From field operations to improving efficiency and water quality management, sensor deployments are on the rise.

There are a number of applications where despite demand for change and fresh thinking, new practical devices are not forthcoming. Market growth is constrained by high maintenance, high cost and delicate nature of some offers in the marketplace. There are other undiscovered applications of sensors technologies that could be developed from other industries and domains.

Join +ADD and NWG for an exciting day of collaborative opportunity exploration and discovery as we attempt to define and prioritise opportunities, build consortia and establish initiative concepts in the Water utilities sector with associates and participation from diverse industries.

Tuesday 9th July


Brilliant plans for brilliant parks and amazing allotments with Newcastle Parks Trust

This sprint will focus on designing a brilliant plan for a park or allotment site, that helps define and communicate how the site and its assets will be developed and managed and the service that users should expect. We’ll also develop and explore ideas for how to engage all of the key stakeholders and users to ensure they can contribute to the plan for their local park and allotments.


Security Dash with Northern Gas Network

Take look into how we can improve cyber-security by looking across business sectors with Northern Gas Networks.

Cyber and information security are increasingly crucial issues for businesses and network operators are no exception. We are moving towards a smart energy future with more connectivity. These changes mean that the way we protect our networks must change too.  We will face increasingly sophisticated threats in the years ahead and innovation will be vital to preserve and enhance both our physical and cyber security.

 Our innovation focuses on evolving challenges such as the role of technology in protecting systems, challenges for security innovation, collaboration with wider networks and much more.


Wiping out Sewer Flooding by tackling customer behaviour

The worst thing we can do to our customers is flood them with sewage either inside or outside their homes. Through our investigations we know that over half of sewer flooding is a result of customer behavior, that is typically where wipes and other items are incorrectly disposed of down toilets.

This daily dash on the 9th July will help us all understand why people do the things that they do and also test out some new and different ideas on how we can change customer behavior once and for all. We are particularly interested to involve people who are honest about their habits and who can help us understand what we need to do differently to stop wipes and other nasties going down our toilets, blocking our sewers and flooding homes and the environment.

This dash will be facilitated by behavioral change experts Radley Yeldar.

Wednesday 10th July


Customer Delights with CKDelta

How can technology and data analysis drive improved customer satisfaction and help water companies adapt to the new CMEX framework? The dash will examine how specific areas of improvement can be identified and what innovative methodologies can be adopted, in order to ensure the transition to CMEX framework does not impact overall customer experience and its related performance measures.


Water Well Being with Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

Water is essential for health and wellbeing so think and take a drink, staying hydrated is so important for your health and wellbeingThis daily dash will explore ways to encourage people to drink more tap water so that they stay hydrated.  There are so many benefits to being hydrated and so many problems can occur when hydration levels are low, especially amongst vulnerable groups such as the elderly and unwell.  We want to identify innovative ways to promote hydration as a key factor in keeping people healthy.  Facilitating the dash will be Dr Jo North, founder of The Big Bang Partnership Ltd and creator of the Idea Time innovation brand and programmes.

Thursday 11th July


Dash with ENZEN

How do we get the benefits of IoT at the borders of SCADA to make us smarter, expand our capability and increase resilience?

This will tackle how we can increase SCADAs capability, it is great at the big stuff but is less good with small independent devices


Friday 12th July

Spend Friday morning working with NWG in our Friday Dash-Up!