Monday 8th July


Myndr Over Matter - The Challenge of Mental Wellness

We’ll be exploring what mental wellbeing means for the workforce of a leading utility company, and building an understanding of their diverse needs, expectations and concerns. We also want to spark some new ideas to enable employees to engage in mental wellbeing, to ensure they get the support they need to be well and have a great day every day!

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Sensor Futures with Add Strategy

The water industry is transforming with visibility of networks and operations having impacts across the industry. From field operations to improving efficiency and water quality management, sensor deployments are on the rise.

There are a number of applications where despite demand for change and fresh thinking, new practical devices are not forthcoming. Market growth is constrained by high maintenance, high cost and delicate nature of some offers in the marketplace. There are other undiscovered applications of sensors technologies that could be developed from other industries and domains.

Join +ADD and NWG for an exciting day of collaborative opportunity exploration and discovery as we attempt to define and prioritise opportunities, build consortia and establish initiative concepts in the Water utilities sector with associates and participation from diverse industries.