Wednesday 10th July


Customer Delights with CKDelta

How can technology and data analysis drive improved customer satisfaction and help water companies adapt to the new CMEX framework? The dash will examine how specific areas of improvement can be identified and what innovative methodologies can be adopted, in order to ensure the transition to CMEX framework does not impact overall customer experience and its related performance measures.


Water Well Being with Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

Water is essential for health and wellbeing so think and take a drink, staying hydrated is so important for your health and wellbeingThis daily dash will explore ways to encourage people to drink more tap water so that they stay hydrated.  There are so many benefits to being hydrated and so many problems can occur when hydration levels are low, especially amongst vulnerable groups such as the elderly and unwell.  We want to identify innovative ways to promote hydration as a key factor in keeping people healthy.  Facilitating the dash will be Dr Jo North, founder of The Big Bang Partnership Ltd and creator of the Idea Time innovation brand and programmes.