Hackathons bring together Data Science and Subject Matter Expertise to tackle some of our biggest challenges. We will focus on how we can use data (our own, and Open Data) to gain insight that will help NWG deliver the best possible services to its customers. We’ll see how data insight and visualisation can be used to deliver an unrivalled customer experience!

 “In total more than 3,000 people have attended the two previous festivals from 650 businesses and organisations.”



Absolute Clarity - Data Hack with NWG

We monitor the quality of our water throughout each stage of production process, right from source to tap, to make sure our customers receive the very best. Real-time monitoring generates a huge volume of data and we are confident that with your help there is insight to be found to help us improve things even more. Could you work out what the ‘perfect blend’ is for our customers? This hack will combine water science with data analytics to ensure every last glassful is perfect!

Expertise, knowledge or interests needed:


Cloudbusting - Data Hack with Microsoft

We’ve got a great cloud, but can we make it rain? 

Tapping into the capabilities of AI and advanced analytics in the Azure cloud, we want to explore how to generate more value out from our existing data.  We will see how can we use the cloud capabilities to gather in more contextual data from media such as video, images and sound.  We will then use these insights to help tackle big challenges like climate change and employee safety.

Expertise, knowledge or interests needed:

An idea for solving the problems above and some data. We can help with the AI tools and techniques - you don’t need a phd in mathematics to create value with AI


Every second counts! - Data Hack with Aiimi

Our aim is to know where and when we are not supplying adequate water quantity to customers at any time, enabling us to provide a personalised response 24/7 based on the specific interruption event.

In this data hack we will explore what is the optimal response to enhance the customer experience and how can we personalise it for the event, minimising the impact of a supply interruption. We will explore how much more value we can generate from our existing monitoring equipment, maximising the use of data.

Expertise, knowledge or interests needed: