day 5-Give

Your health, your well-being challenge

During the 5 days of the Innovation Festival we are aiming to bring to light how acting upon the different 5 ways to wellbeing can improve our mental health and wellbeing. 

On Friday our activities help to promote Giving - when we give to others; this promotes a sense of trust and cooperation in our relationships. Through this, we strengthen our relationships with others making them more positive, which is key to good mental health. When we give to others, we don’t only make them feel closer to us; we also feel closer to them. Through cultivating gratitude in everyday life, by showing the people around us that we care, we increase our own positivity about the world and those around us:


What is giving and why is it important?

Giving is the act of freely parting with something and offering it to someone or something beyond ourselves- a stranger, friend, family member, a charitable organisation, our local community or our wider-community. It can involve parting with material things like money and gifts, or immaterial things like our time, skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, passion and kindness. In practice, giving can look like a number of things – it could mean supporting a friend with a problem, donating clothes or unused items to a charity, volunteering your time for a cause you care about, or simply making an effort to make more time for the people that you care about.

Whoever we are, whatever we do, we can make giving part of our daily lives. Often, it’s the little things that can make all the difference to our mental health and well-being, and trying to make Giving part of our daily life can be a real positive step towards living a happier and more fulfilling life. As the old adage says: “the more you give the more you get back.”

Have a look at what’s happening during Friday to support Giving to others:

Foodbank Collections (donated items can be left at the collection point during the day)

During Friday we are appealing for any food donations - being able to give back to those in need helps you achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth, whilst helping those who are not so fortunate.

We aim to distribute items collected to local charitable organisations such as PACT House in Stanley, Co Durham. They distribute on average 25 emergency and crisis food and toiletry parcels every week. They receive no funding for this service and is financed via PACT House fundraising and donations from local people and businesses.

Charity Donations

Studies have demonstrated that charitable contributions create a response in the brain that mimics one activated by drugs and other stimuli. This response elicits a surge of dopamine and endorphins that are experienced as “hedonic” and rewarding. Charitable giving can feel pleasurable in the deepest parts of your physiology – more so than a night on the town or a new outfit!

Take the opportunity to make a charitable donation today.  Just Giving pages have been created for a number of charitable organisations that link to many of the well-being activities and sprints that you have experienced over the week. 

More details to follow shortly.

Volunteering your time

Volunteering for causes or organisations that we’re passionate about can be a great way of giving something back whilst also bringing something meaningful into our lives. Not only do our efforts make a real difference to the cause itself, but through volunteering we are likely to learn a wealth of new skills and meet people with similar interest to us – which are both brilliant ways to improve our sense of well-being. If you’ve got some spare time, whether at the weekend or during the week, there are a wide-range of opportunities that are being promoted today. 

More details to follow.


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings of the festival, singer and choir leader Claire Tustin will be leading group singing sessions in the Funderdome, 8 – 9am. Anyone is welcome to come along, no experience or skill required, just a willingness to join in, be positive, learn something new and have a go at being part of an impromptu choir.

We will be singing a range of easy to learn, catchy songs that will set you up for the day feeling inspired and energised.

For more information click here.

Virtual Gratitude Tree

We all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Rather than complain about the things you think you deserve, take a few moments to focus on all that you have. Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.  Why not share your messages of gratitude on our virtual tree.


Use this QR Code to add your gratitude to our tree

Or go to and use the code 681686