England′s first EVER air purifying Moss Tree

A 13-foot-high Moss Tree is coming to save Newcastle city centre. The big green breathing ‘machine′ is one of the most exciting things to come out of the festival.

The Moss Tree idea has been developed in partnership with Ordnance Survey, Newcastle City Council and supplier Evergen and in March this year it will be placed in Newcastle′s bustling Haymarket, next to the city′s bus station.

Moss cultures involved in the "tree" have the ability to filter certain pollutants, by binding them to the leaf surface and then integrating them permanently into their own biomass, making them ideal air purifiers.

Data gathered by technology in the tree "structure"will be made available for universities and other bodies to feed into their own research on tackling pollution. Built-in sensors will gather information on pollution including Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide, as well as monitoring air humidity, temperature and rainfall.

Northumbrian Water's Clive Surman-Wells talks about England's first Moss Tree. What is it? How does it work? https://innovationfestival.org/mosstree
England's first pollution-busting "moss tree" has been installed in Newcastle, where it will purify air in the city centre and create opportunities for research into the benefits of the plants' natural filtering abilities.

Lessons learned from the Moss Tree and the data it captures will be used by Northumbrian Water and partners including Newcastle City Council, and will also be made available to other interested organisations such as schools and universities.

Northumbrian Water would also like to thank Newcastle City Council and EverGen Systems, the supplier of this Moss Tree, for their support. Evergen are the exclusive UI( supplier of the revolutionary Moss Tree, also known as CityTree.

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