‘Hacking′ away at leakage

Leakage and losing water in our pipes is a real issue and concern for us, and indeed the whole water industry! That′s why it was high on the agenda at IF17.

Work to reduce the levels of water leakage could transform the way the industry addresses the problem, with the development of a new data-driven technique to most efficiently identify and tackle the most problematic areas.

Using a wide range of information sources, Essex & Suffolk Water, part of Northumbrian Water Group, will work with data professionals to identify areas across Essex that can be targeted to deliver the best possible reductions in water loss.

In partnership with two companies, PA Consulting and 1Spatial, the company has identified that focusing its efforts on only 50 of the company′s 450 locations - known as district metered locations (DMAs) - could reduce leakage by 9% - 6.3 million litres per day!

RIGHT NOW! The three companies are working on this idea and are now starting work on creating a "heat map" that will direct the most effective resources more efficiently, prioritising the finding and fixing of the biggest leaks.