Data intelligence could create solution to save over 3 million litres of water every day


The UK's water companies collectively own and maintain 342,877km of water pipes - that's equivalent to 8.5 times around the equator!  One of the major challenges they face is reducing the amount of water loss through leakages - which is enough to fill 1,249 Olympic swimming pools every day.

So what can be done to make sure that more water reaches our taps? That's the question that will be put to a team of leakage experts from UK water companies who will be joined by leading data scientists and consultants for a Leakage Data Hack and Share event at this year's Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival.

It is hoped that gathering of some of the world's sharpest minds in data analytics will bring fresh thinking and insights that will help water industry leaders to improve their understanding of network leakage and develop new ideas and solutions.

Technical Specialist at Northumbrian Water, Joseph Butterfield, said: "Northumbrian Water are already taking significant steps to reduce leakage from our water network and in turn, deliver the best value for our customers.

"It's a huge challenge that needs a collaborative approach form the water industry. The data hack and share event is a perfect opportunity to get everyone around the table with the right experts and see what exciting ideas we can come up with."

The hack is sponsored by Wipro, Intel and Amazon Web Services, and will take place 10-12 July during the Innovation Festival 2018 at Newcastle Racecourse.

To come along and take part in the hack and share visit and register your details.

To find out what the Leakage Data Hack and Share sprint team comes up with during the festival you can follow all of the action live on social media by following @northumbrianh2o on twitter and facebook.