Pinball and Poo could hold the key to future workforce

Hans Muller talks to STEM students at IF117 (002).jpg

Pinball and poo will feature in the creative activities at this year's Innovation Festival 2018 in a bid to inspire the next workforce generation into Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) careers.

The five-day Innovation Festival at Newcastle Racecourse on July 9-13 will see major national and global companies working with innovation experts, other businesses, local universities, schools and members of the public to come up with and explore innovative ways to help change the world.

Northumbrian Water is working with festival partners Centre for Life Newcastle, Reece Innovation and Oracle to stage a range of fun, informative and engaging sessions for primary school pupils at this year's event.

  • Pinball and The Poo Show - an action packed session where you'll learn to build your pinball and explore the weird and wonderful world of waste, from why wombats have square poo to how astronauts poo in space.

  • Store and Ride - combine creative engineering, resourcefulness and imagination to design and create a stored energy vehicle.

  • Mission to Mars - search for life on Mars by unravelling a coding conundrum and programming an exploration rover to investigate the tough terrain for signs of water and minerals.

  • The Bloodhound Project - an inspiring mix of design, chat and activities based on the fascinating project to smash the current land speed record by building the world's first supersonic car.

Northumbrian Water Learning and Development Manager Sophie Pickup said: "The shortage of scientists, engineers and mathematicians is a worry for future generations and so it's vital that we start now to engage with young people and encourage them to both enjoy and be motivated to study STEM subjects.

"These activities are all about future-proofing the region's workforce and have been designed to bring to life what are considered to be the key sectors in the North East region where we perform strongly, that offer opportunities to create more and better jobs and are key to a the success of our future economic growth.

"The youngsters will also get a taste of the world of work by learning the all-important personal skills that employers look for such as relationship building, communication skills, resilience, problem solving and confidence."

People can find out more about what's taking place at the NWG Innovation Festival, and how they can get involved, at:

Photo: Innovation Director at the North East LEP, Hans Moller talking to student at the Innovation Festival last year.