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How to reduce leakage from the water network is one of the ‘Big Questions’ being addressed during this year’s Innovation Festival.

As a challenge facing the entire water industry, the focus in 2018 is to encourage collaboration and sharing of innovative or ‘best practice’ approaches to reducing leakage.

Building on this collaborative approach is a three day Hackathon, the first day of which is to set the scene and explain the work and the challenges to date.

Leakage experts from various UK water companies will be joined by world leading data scientists to investigate detailed datasets in order to develop new ideas and collaborate to improve our understanding of network leakage. 

The hack is sponsored by Wipro, Intel and Amazon Web Services, and will take place 10-12th July 2018, mid-way through Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival. 

Northumbrian Water will provide a comprehensive data set which includes a number of parameters used to measure and report network leakage. Data Scientists are also able to use a number of open data sets to derive better insights and improve leakage performance. 

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An introduction to leakage – “Dennis Dellow introduces water network leakage at the 2017 NWG Innovation Festival – a brief history, what causes leakage and how it’s measured”

Finding network leaks – “Dennis Dellow tells us about methods to locate leaks – from listening sticks to gas injection, find out what’s tried and tested and what’s not so effective“

The challenges with leakage – “Dennis Dellow outlines the main challenges we face and where we want you to focus – detecting, locating and repairing leaks