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Festival sparks the beginning of new innovations

In July 2019, one of the biggest Festivals of Innovation the world has ever seen landed in the North East. More than 3,000 people from nearly 700 leading organisations around the globe, descended on Newcastle Racecourse for Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival. The aim of the event was to come up with innovative solutions to some of the biggest and hard-hitting challenges faced by society and the environment, within five action-packed days. Industry professionals were joined by engineers, local businesses, students, designers and members of the public, to focus on key issues such as climate change, the impact of 5G and vehicles of the future. Around 1,800 young people also flooded through the racecourse gates to learn about skills that can support their career, with the aim of inspiring them to consider a career in science, technology, engineering, art or maths (STEAM).

The festival will return in July 2020, find out below about how you can get involved.

“The primary objective is coming up with ideas to help improve our business, and I think we achieved that,” Nigel Watson, Northumbrian Water Group’s director of information services
“Really what we’re trying to demonstrate is that water companies can collaborate,” Nigel Watson


NWG Innovation Festival 2020

Save the date July 8th to12th 2020 - Newcastle RaceCourse

Legacy and Success

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