Moving on the home move experience at the Innovation Festival

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One of life's most stressful events, even the thought of moving home can bring most people out in a cold sweat.

Informing the relevant utility providers is just one tick box on an arm's length list of things to do, and is one of the main reasons people contact their water company.

Northumbrian Water is determined to implement a game-changer when it comes to easing the pain of a house move.

Following on from the water company's 2018 Innovation Festival, a group of creative thinkers from around the globe will continue unpacking the home moving experience at the years' festival, to see how they can improve it.

Led by IBM, the ‘My Home Move' sprint will look at ways that using the latest innovative digital technology could help create a personalised, stress-free and rewarding home move experience for Northumbrian Water customers.

Darren Bentham, Executive Partner, Global Business Services, IBM UK and Ireland, said: "The home moving process is the ‘moment of truth' for any utility company. It's one of the few times that Northumbrian Water can be compared directly with other services providers and we want to look at ways we can really wow customers.

"I'm confident that we will create great ideas that will help shape Northumbrian Water and provide their customers with an amazing, personalised service."

Kelly Graham, Head of Customer Service at Northumbrian Water, said: "Anyone who has ever moved house knows just how stressful the whole situation can be and we take a lot of calls from new homeowners who need help.

"In this sprint, we'll take a step back to look at how we could improve the whole process using a really creative approach and the IBM experts in the room, to really think outside of the box and come up with some great ideas.

"We want to provide an amazing, life-long customer experience, one that doesn't just stop with the house move, and anything that can take the stress out of that for our customers is a winner in our eyes!"

The Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival 2019 takes place from 8 to 12 July at Newcastle Racecourse.

To find out what the team comes up with during the Innovation Festival, you can follow the action on social media by following @NorthumbrianH2O on twitter and facebook, or by visiting

Janine Rillands