By Nigel Watson, Northumbrian Water Group’s Director of Information Services

I’m absolutely thrilled with the way the first day of the NWG Innovation Festival has gone.It was incredible to see so many people in the tent this morning from so many different companies and backgrounds. This is exactly what we want in terms of input from the various parts of the audience.

The welcome session was breath-taking, looking out across the room you could really feel the energy.

I really enjoyed the session, with everyone getting involved in a version of the Foo Fighters’ Learn to Fly. It was an interesting way to kick off the Monday morning, certainly not a typical start to the week, but it really got everyone in the spirit and raised the energy levels before going into the tents.

The tents have been really buzzing and, inevitably, in an environment like this where it’s specifically set up to be like a festival, we will get noise, from other tents, from rain, and from all around us, but we managed to overcome that really quickly.

We’ve got some ways of making tomorrow even better, and hopefully the weather will be kinder.

It wouldn’t be a British summer without a bit of rain, but hopefully it won’t be like that all week.

The general consensus is that day one was a success. People got a real debrief on the problems we’re aiming to tackle and everything is set up now for the rest of the week to be really organic and go off in some interesting directions, and we can then distil some great ideas to make a real difference for people.