By Nigel Watson, Northumbrian Water Group’s Director of Information Services

Day 2 Update

We kicked off day two of the NWG Innovation Festival this morning with our first wellness session and it was great to see so many people taking part in the yoga, as well as the pilates at lunchtime.

After hearing an update from each sprint, we started the day’s innovative working with a great idea of the progress so far and it’s been inspiring to catch up with those teams at the end of the day to see just how many ideas – literally hundreds of them – are coming through.

The teams really seem to be gaining momentum. I think with the people we have got here, they are very naturally inclined to solve problems, so they are really in their element right now.

I spent much of the afternoon in the Invest Quest judging, which, for those of you outside of Northumbrian Water Group, is an opportunity for our people to bring forward some great ideas that will help us to work smarter.

There were five great finalists and some tremendous ideas coming through from the teams, so that was a part of the day that was both fun and very rewarding.

Members of the sprint teams are heading out into Newcastle City Centre tomorrow, to talk with members of the public and get their views on the ideas and challenges. The input of the public is hugely important to delivering innovation that matters to people outside of the organisations delivering it, so we are really looking forward to seeing what people out and about in Northumberland Street have to say.