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Mothers & Daughters Session - My Skills My Life


Who : Year 9 & Older

When : Wednesday 5 pm

What : Brought to you by Esh Group 

Only 23% of people working in core Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) occupations in the UK are women.   Come and have a chat over a cup of tea.  Get a taste of the array of careers using STEM skills in the North East.  We’ve chosen to highlight four different areas – digital; advanced manufacturing, energy and utilities / construction, all of which are recognised as important to the success of the North East economy.

You and your daughter will be able to find out about all those things you want to know, or maybe didn’t know you wanted to know: what is it really like to work in different jobs; how people decided what they wanted to do; what they had to do to get their jobs; what their salary prospects are and anything else that interests you.  Mums play are very influential in daughters career choices, which is why we’ve included you.  Dads and sons are also welcome.  Come and have your eyes opened to some different possibilities.
40 Places.


Train the Trainer : My Skills My Life


Who : Adults

When : Tuesday 5 pm

What : The WISE Organisation are trying to reach 200,000 girls in the next 5 years to help them discover their potential and open doors to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Are you keen to encourage others to follow your footsteps and choose to study and work in a STEM arena? We’ll give you, and show you how to use, tools which you can take into schools and run sessions with groups of girls and make a difference to their lives.

Find out how you can inspire the next generation of STEAM workers


Who : Adults

When : Drop in from 9:30am Thursday

What : The WISE Organisation and RTC North : STEM Ambassador Hub will be on site with some of their volunteers. Come and share your experiences or explore whether it is something you could get involved with.