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Sculpting from single use plastic and a Storytelling framework to Pitch an idea

Who : Key Stage 2 & 3

When : Tuesday to Thursday

What : A study reported by the Guardian in March 2018 found that 90% of bottled water contains micro plastics, in some cases 325 pieces. Artist, Diane Watson, will confront these statistics by creating an installation and discussing the issues with students. We’ll ask students to bring plastic they’ve collected with them.

And join Seven Stories expert storytellers to learn new ways to create and present an idea. Through exploration of storytelling techniques young people will develop key communication skills while picking up hints and tips on how to create a compelling argument.


Geordie Bridges (Centre for Life)


Who : Key Stage 2 & 3

When : Monday to Friday (See below for current availability)

What : Using a series of demonstrations from Life’s theatre show ‘Great Geordie Bridges’ as local inspiration for the important role of civil engineers, the pupils will be set a series of bridge related challenges to be worked on in small groups. Using a variety of materials their bridges will be tested to destruction. Students will be encouraged to learn from their immediate past successes or failures and modify their designs in order to better rise to the next challenge.

We’ll also demonstrate that Civil Engineering is a great career for girls.

Mission to Mars (Centre for Life)


Who : Key Stage 2 & 3

When : Monday to Friday

What : How can you control a Mars rover when it takes up to 24 minutes for a radio signal from Earth to arrive? Find out how the European Space Agency solve this problem by using robot explorers during their ExoMars mission.

Students take on the role of computer scientists and engineers and learn to program our LEGO Mindstorm Mars rovers. Students will be challenged to program a Mars rover, discover how to use infrared sensors to sense and move around physical objects – and even how to make their robot dance!