The Innovation Festival “Give-it-a go” Choir

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings of the festival, singer and choir leader Claire Tustin will be leading group singing sessions in the Funderdome, 8 – 9am. Anyone is welcome to come along, no experience or skill required, just a willingness to join in, be positive, learn something new and have a go at being part of an impromptu choir.

We will be singing a range of easy to learn, catchy songs that will set you up for the day feeling inspired and energised. Here are a few of the many reasons to come along:

Singing is a great way to CONNECT with other people

Singing is a very sociable activity. We have to listen to each other, use eye contact, and work together as a team to create the music. A choir is greater than the sum of its parts, and even reluctant singers will often be amazed at the lovely music are part of creating. This shared experience is a great way of meeting new people, understanding each other better, and making friendships.


Singing is a chance to LEARN something new

Whether you are a confident performer, a terrified initiate or something in between, (perhaps a singer-in the shower, or an end-of-the-night warbler?), learning a new song and trying a harmony part will be an interesting challenge and a chance to try something new. Learning new skills and achieving goals can increase confidence levels and feel very inspiring.


Singing is a great way to be ACTIVE and healthy

There are many health benefits associated with singing. Research at the University of Frankfurt found that singing boosts the immune system. Singing takes energy and concentration, so will burn calories and stimulate circulation. Singing is known to release endorphins, the feel-good chemical in the brain that makes you feel uplifted, energised and happy.


Singing can help us to TAKE NOTICE and be more mindful

In an ever-increasingly busy world, singing is an opportunity to pause, relax and be present in a moment of reflection, creativity and freedom. It reduces stress levels and can help us to feel better about facing challenges.


Singing is great way to share and GIVE TO OTHERS

The singing sessions will be inclusive to all, and together the group will support each other to learn the songs. The very act of joining in and having a go is a gift to everyone else there. If people would like to, we can share our songs on the final day with other delegates as a performance. If that feels a bit scary we could film or record the singing so you all have proof of how brilliant you were!


The sessions will be led by Claire Tustin, singer, song writer, actor and choir leader. Claire has led North Shields based community choir Mouths of the Tyne for 11 years and leads other singing sessions in a wide range of settings; with mental health groups, in hospitals, prisons, theatre work and corporate training. She refuses to accept that anyone is incapable of singing! Contact Claire at