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  • Monday

    Enjoy a fun filled welcome at the opening of our 2019 Innovation Festival at 9.30am with Beat boxers Duke and one of our North East greats, Steph McGovern to start our festival with a bang.

  • Tuesday

    Neil Mullarkey (Actor, writer and comedian) will be opening day two with an introduction to ‘Improv’ Neil will also join us on Monday evening to host our Network@speed event.


  • Wednesday

    Dick Strawbridge MBE (Engineer and TV Presenter) will be opening day three of the festival and taking part in the festival throughout the day.


  • Thursday

    Harry and Chris, The UK’s favourite comedy-rap-jazz duo will be greeting everyone tunefully to get day four of our festival started. And Georgie Barrat from the Gadget show will be joining us later in the day


  • Friday

    An enthusiastic morning welcome awaits with the Baghdaddies ready to raise the roof and prepare everyone for a Friday festival finale