The Innovation Big Walk

From Gosforth to Mwanza, Tanzania (on the south shore of Lake Victoria)

Lake Victoria, named after Queen Victoria in 1858 by the British explorer John Hanning Speke in an expedition to find the source of the river Nile. Whilst it is not the beginning of the Nile the White Nile runs out of the lake in the north.

Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake on earth and the largest in Africa. It is the life blood of the peoples that live around it, it is situated in 3 countries, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The equator runs through the north of the lake. The lake covers an area 71, 000 square miles and its shoreline is 4, 438 miles long, just a little bit bigger than Kielder! In fact you could fit 14,000 Kielder reservoirs in to Lake Victoria (surface area).  You would have to complete 168 Kielder marathons to walk the same distance of the shoreline of Lake Victoria.

The Task

Your expedition is to walk to the lake and back to Gosforth over the course of the innovation week.

It is a 12, 578 miles round trip on foot, or 25, 156,000 steps. You’re not alone in this task. We are challenging everyone to take part. We are expecting 800 delegates so that is an average of 31, 445 steps each or 15.723 miles (or just 3.14 miles per day) for each person.

Walking for the average distance per day will burn off over 300 calories per day and at the end of the week you would have burnt off 1600 calories, which could equate to losing about half a pound in weight.  

We’ll be keeping track of your journey and each day show on the map where you are up to.

You’ll be walking through the following countries

England, France, Spain, Algeria, Niger (through the mighty Sahara desert), Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, D.R. Congo, Uganda,(crossing the equator) Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. 14 countries in all.

Here’s your route.


Worth doing?

Not only is it great for your cardio-vascular health but it is also great for your general well-being.

However, we have another incentive. For all those that contribute over 32, 000 steps during the week, you will be entered into a prize draw. The winner will have a long weekend break in a lodge at Kielder, the largest artificial lake in the UK (by volume of water). Its 5 square miles of beauty with a shoreline of 27.5 miles, so plenty of chances to carry on walking.

What you need to do

Keep track of your steps each day and then let us know how many you have completed at the end of every day. We’ll collate the total and show on the map where the team has reached. We’ll be setting you goals at the beginning of each day.

Good luck.