Wellbeing Charity

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

The charity aims to build extraordinary partnerships for every person who is blind and partially sighted - achieving mobility is a journey that is personal and unique. Their long-term plan is to provide help that reflects the true needs of each individual – from dealing with initial diagnosis and potential emotional trauma, through to finding the right mix of mobility and vision support services for different circumstances.

The charity offers a number of services including:

Guide dogs
There are over 4,950 guide dog owners in the UK. If you are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog could change your life. 

Children and young people’s services

We offer a range of services and activities for children and young people, and provide valuable advice for parents and teachers.

My Guide
My Guide, our sighted guiding service, aims to help people with sight loss get out of their homes and engage with their community, rebuilding their confidence and independence.

Speaker service
Our volunteer speakers are critical to the success of Guide Dogs and a good speaker can inspire an audience in many ways. 

Training for your organisation
Guide Dogs can supply your organisation with the tools to serve and assist customers with sight loss.

Pact House

PACT House started with a group of people who wanted to see positive changes in their local town of Stanley, Co Durham. The number of people and families they support has grown steadily over time, and they face continuing challenges.

Each month Pact House give out 130 food parcels, toiletries, furniture and homeless packs to support vulnerable individuals including those who are homeless, people and families on low incomes and women and families fleeing domestic abuse. 

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Each week, those in need are offered a free community meal, and during the school holidays school children of low income families are provided with a free breakfast.  Pact House make it a priority that people don’t go hungry. 

Volunteers also offer support to those trying to get back on their feet – making time to listen and talk to those feeling isolated, signposting to support services, and helping to make appointments. 

Working alongside other charities, the volunteers at Pact House also provide activities and support for kids who need a little extra help, young people who are at risk of self-harm and suicide and those who live in far from ideal domestic circumstances.

Hope NE

HOPE is a local charity, set up in April of 2016, to support our homeless community. We set up an Outreach every Saturday in Newcastle City Centre to provide hot and cold food, hot and cold drinks, toiletries, clothes, shoes and books, amongst other essential items.

We often see people who have not eaten for a couple of days and by attending an Outreach each week, we are able to ensure that those that need food and drink will receive it. Being homeless is not a life choice and scarily, all too many of us are maybe an end of contract and three missing paydays away from being in their shoes. Too many people think that the homeless are made up of dole scroungers and ne’er do wells, but that is just not the case. Without money to pay the mortgage or rent, they lose their home. Without a home address, no benefits can be claimed and the opportunity to start new work is eliminated. They may also lose their relationship, their family, and access to see their children. The reality is that circumstances are different for all of us and a high number of the homeless are youngsters who have been in the Care System, reached 18 and are no longer classed as being the responsibility of the State and so cast out, with nowhere to go.

There appear to be a growing number of elderly homeless too, certainly in the NE of England. Retired and housed, but not receiving enough pension and benefits to live on; they have no savings left to live off, fall behind with their rent, can’t afford to heat their homes or feed themselves and suddenly find themselves evicted.  We cater for approximately 120 people EVERY Saturday night – a team of us attend, no matter what the weather conditions and are there for approximately 6 hours each week. We have developed friendships with a diverse group of personalities and ages, it is a very humbling experience and they are incredibly appreciative of our commitment to them. We are confident that by being there for them, we are helping them to live a life, rather than just suffer an existence.


Tyneside & Northumberland Mind operate as part of the Local Mind Network and deliver mental health services across the whole of Tyneside and Northumberland.

We promote positive mental health, providing flexible, responsive and sustainable support services. We put people first by involving service users, carers and local community. We do all this to make it possible for people who experience mental distress to live full lives and play their full part in society. We offer a range of services based on the Recovery model where all services are focused on improving and enhancing an individual’s wellbeing, based on the principles and practices of person centred planning and self-directed support.

Our services are based on the principles of Wellbeing, Recovery, Resilience and Prevention

You can find more information about our services here: