Mendathon / Fixit Café


Who : Year 9 & Year 10

When : Tuesday to Thursday

What : This is something new for 2019. It’s a build on our Zero Waste approach to the 2018 NWG Innovation Festival, to explore wealth from waste. Working with Fixit Cafe who are committed to “repair and re-use rather than refuse”.

We’ll help young people develop skills to find their own fix for broken items and to learn where to go for information, or to re-purpose them. It might be electronic stuff, gadgets or clothing.

We’ll also bring in people who can share how you can build a business. We’d ideally like to work with up to 20 students from a range of schools, probably young people who aren’t particularly inspired by studying for GCSEs and enjoy doing something practical.

Sculpting from single use plastic and a Storytelling framework to Pitch an idea


Who : Key Year 9 & Year 10

When : Tuesday to Thursday

What : A study reported by the Guardian in March 2018 found that 90% of bottled water contains micro plastics, in some cases 325 pieces. Artist, Diane Watson, will confront these statistics by creating an installation and discussing the issues with students. We’ll ask students to bring plastic they’ve collected with them.

And join Seven Stories expert storytellers to learn new ways to create and present an idea. Through exploration of storytelling techniques young people will develop key communication skills while picking up hints and tips on how to create a compelling argument.